Mercedes-Benz Energy to supply second-life EV batteries to Moment Energy

Moment Energy, a Canadian energy-storage startup, has reached a supply agreement for second-life EV batteries with Mercedes-Benz Energy. “We’re excited to work with Mercedes-Benz Energy to ensure that EV batteries are given a second life in stationary energy storage applications,” says co-founder and COO of Moment Energy Sumreen Rattan.

Moment Energy’s 60 kWh energy storage system uses Mercedes-Benz Energy batteries.

The company will deploy two of these systems at God’s Pocket Resort, a Canadian off-grid scuba diving resort that currently depends on diesel generators, later this year.

“Together with Moment Energy we will enable sustainable ESS-solutions for North America based on second-life batteries,” says Mercedes-Benz Energy CEO Gordon Gassmann.

Source: Moment Energy

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