Schaffner’s new FN2220 line of EMC filters for EV fast charging

Swiss power electronics company Schaffner has introduced a new EMC filter product line for EV fast charging.

The new FN2220 meets the IEC/EN 61851-23 standard for EV conductive charging systems, as well as the UL 2202 EV charging system equipment standard. The company says meeting these standards will save charging station designers time and resources, as they won’t need to evaluate the filter for compliance.

The FN2220 series is designed to help manage the high energy level of fast charging by cleaning the power that goes to the EV.

The FN2220 product line can accommodate a 75 kW to 600 kW power range, and includes filter sizes ranging from 150 A to 600 A.

Source: Schaffner

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