The power surge: an EV roundtable (Webinar)

As the electric vehicle industry continues to boom, manufacturers are tasked with navigating a challenging innovation and supply chain landscape. Product developers are moving as quickly as possible to launch new technologies, and supply chains are quickly scaling to meet production demand that is projected to sharply grow through 2025 and beyond. Many challenges still exist to meet lofty production targets and much of the needed infrastructure does not yet exist. What can product developers do to meet the challenge?

Join Protolabs at next week’s Virtual Conference on EV Engineering as we talk with Gregg Miner, Jack Ruland, Nils Hegland and Rob Young to deep dive on the electric vehicle industry and answer these questions.

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Other sessions at our Spring Virtual Conference include:

Trends And Challenges On The Road To EV Charging Infrastructure Implementation

Leading technologists from academia, industry and materials development will share their insight and experience about the development realities and opportunities for fast and ultra-fast EV charging technology. The webinar, presented by ABB, Henkel and North Carolina State University, will span many topics, including:

  • Technical Solutions Enabling Fast and Ultra-Fast Charging Systems
  • Challenges to be Addressed to Deliver Reliability and Facilitate Broad Deployment
  • Mitigating the Fast-charging Impact on Charging Stations
  • Proposed Material Solutions to Maintain Optimal Thermal Range, Reliability and Safety
  • Future Trends

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Benefits Of Using Silicon Carbide In Next Generation Programmable Power Test Solutions

Join this session to learn about the many benefits of using silicon carbide (SiC) technology to create next-generation programmable power supplies and test solutions.

  • How incorporating advanced SiC reduces magnetics size due to high switching frequency.
  • Why investing in advanced SiC reduces costs for higher voltage (greater than 500V).
  • How using advanced SiC contributes to better reliability and mean time before failure (MTBF).

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Infini-Cell & InBat Fuse: Interconnection And Safety Optimization At The Battery Module Level

Module optimization within battery packs has become a major driver to support Electric Vehicle (EV) growth. In that regard, module safety, reliability, weight, and cost have been a major focus for new development and innovation at Mersen, a worldwide expert in electrical power devices. With improved thermal behavior and form factor, the Infini-Cell bus bar can be adapted for cylindrical, prismatic, or punch cell-cell interconnection. Such technology has the potential to accelerate the transition from Copper to Aluminum conductor, with the additional benefit of reducing the weight and costs. As battery module and pack safety has always been at the heart of Mersen expertise, our latest InBat fuse innovation brings a new bus bar functionality to ensure module compliance with UN transportation homologation.

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Gigafactory Safety Solutions: Integrated Plant and Personnel Safety Solutions from Day 1 of Operations

Your plant and personnel deserve the best possible protection from a variety of hazards. Unfortunately, current safety practices are often inconsistent, incomplete and poorly applied.

Honeywell Plant & Personnel Safety Solutions digitize, integrate and automate the environmental, health and safety (EHS) ecosystem. With our end-to-end solution – the only one of its kind – you can take an integrated approach to fire & gas, physical security, real time location and alarm management. Our solutions allow you to deploy independent, yet interrelated layers of protection so potential safety risks can be detected and averted.

Join our webinar on Gigafactory safety solutions to learn how to:
• Ease your worries with a comprehensive approach to safety
• Accurately pinpoint and address risks as they arise
• Quickly identify and response to possible threats
• Personnel safety & real time data

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See the full sessions list for the Spring Virtual Conference on EV Engineering here.

Broadcast live April 4 – 7, 2022, the conference content will span the EV engineering supply chain and ecosystem including motor and power electronics design and manufacturing, cell development, battery systems, testing, powertrains, thermal management, circuit protection, wire and cable, EMI/EMC and more.

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