Webinar: Using MLCCs as resonant capacitors in wireless charging for EVs

Wireless Power Transfer circuits demand stable high capacitance, high voltage capacitors to act as the tank capacitor in the LC resonant circuit. Multi-Layer Ceramic Capacitors (MLCCs) are increasingly used for this application due to their volumetric efficiency and cost-effective mounting techniques, but there are caveats that need to be followed to achieve reliable operation. This presentation addresses these issues and goes into greater depth on some of the aspects that must be considered in MLCC use. Webinar attendees will learn more about:

  • Circuit design for balancing current flow;
  • The constraints of MLCCs including temperature rise and thermal management; and
  • Alternative assemblies.

The webinar, hosted by Charged on May 18, 2022 at 11:00 AM EDT, will include a live Q&A session.

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